2019 Spring Nobscot Pack Campout


Our 2019 Pack campout at Nobscot BSA Reservation was the biggest and best ever!  Perfect weather!  Walking tacos, burgers and hotdogs, and watermelon, pancakes, marshamellows, and jiffy pop! A campfire program, bagpipes, guitar, skits, jokes,

2019 Spring Nobscot Pack Campout2022-01-23T16:37:36-05:00

2019 Pack 310 Pinewood Derby


The 2019 Pinewood Derby was a massive success thanks to the efforts of Tasker Smith, Chairman of the PWD, Bill Standwill the Master of Ceremonies, and the Gange family who stocked and manned the snack

2019 Pack 310 Pinewood Derby2022-01-23T16:38:00-05:00

Pack 310 Hike – Pegan Hill


Pack 310 families came out for a great hike up Natick's own Pegan Hill.  The Lion den learned about the 6 scout essentials, the Tiger den observed various types of trees and wildlife, the

Pack 310 Hike – Pegan Hill2018-10-21T13:21:11-04:00

Welcome to ScoutBook and The New Website


Pack 310 Parents, These days, our kids are busy, but parents are busier. With hectic family schedules, staying informed and connected is critical for any parent on-the-go.  Fortunately, Scoutbook provides the means to help busy

Welcome to ScoutBook and The New Website2018-09-24T14:23:25-04:00

Outstanding Opening Pack Meeting


It was a clear, warm September day for the 2018/19 Opening Pack meeting. Many new Scouts joined in on the crafts, games, marshmallow/crescent roll & Jiffy Pop roast! Thank you to the Dimmick family

Outstanding Opening Pack Meeting2018-09-19T12:05:55-04:00

Annual Pinewood Derby!!


This Sunday will be Pack 310's Annual Pinewood Derby at Memorial School. Registration begins at 10:30 am. The Concession stand will have drinks, pizza, and snack available for purchase.  The registration begins 10:30 am at

Annual Pinewood Derby!!2018-08-17T21:35:48-04:00
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