A Cub Scout MinuteCub Muster https://youtu.be/vGNUKCbJvUg is a daylong event focusing on the American Revolution: the armies, the Patriots, and the trades. The MinuteCub Muster is fun and exciting event which hides the interactive learning experience. The event is being held at the Longfellow Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts on June 24th, 2018 from 8AM to 5 PM. 

In addition to touring a Continental Line Encampment, a British encampment and various encampments of the local Minutemen from various towns, the Minutecubs will also see blacksmiths, coopers, cobblers, tin mongers, weavers, basket makers, a surgeon, apothecary, hewing, broomstick maker, canvas, pottery, joiner, miller, lace maker, soap making, candlestick making, gunsmith and other trades. Minutecubs will talk with George Washington, Ben Franklin and John Adams – prior to signing the Declaration of Independence.. The MinuteCubs will throw tomahawks, pull cannons, march to the music of fife and drum, sample colonial cooking and participate in a turkey shoot. 

The day ends with a battle re-enactment between the Americans and British; followed by the world largest marshmallow food fight. That’s right – each Minutecub needs to have an air-powered marshmallow firing imitation smooth bore flintlock musket. 

Uniform of the day is a Class A shirt. Bring a lunch and something to drink. The whole family can attend. 

MinuteCub Muster Cost Preliminary: Registration cost is $50 per scout. Registration will be as a Pack. Tricorn hats can be pre-ordered for $15 while supplies last. Muskets are $20 each. 

REGISTER AT: https://www.mayflowerbsa.org/event/minutecub-muster-2018/ The 2018 MinuteCub Muster is being sponsored by the Mayflower Council. The Mayflower Council will also provide overnight camping with bus service to the event and back. 

MinuteCubs should make or purchase a musket for the event and bring ammo. Plans are available on www.westfordminutecub.com 

Contact Tom Weaver to volunteer and discuss ideas. www.westfordminutecub.com 

Mobile 978-337-0725 

Email: tom@dtwsystems.com Updated:4/5/18